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Who Who Are The Escorts?

Escorts are chosen for their great knowledge, but also for their flair and charisma.


Music Road Trip

Stylus Tours are a whole lotta fun from the word go.


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Movin' and a Groovin'

And there will be more music to experience aboard our super comfy transport. Relax and indulge yourself in a tour that is just up your street.

Why us

Time to Get On Board

So, let's jump on board and get the show on the road! See where the Stones played in the early years, played to packed out venues, bought their guitars and recorded their iconic early music albums. See where The Rolling Stones met the Beatles for the very first time and where Led Zeppelin recorded their first album. See where Jimi Hendrix bought his amps before performing at the Royal Albert Hall. There is so much to discover that the only way to truly find out more is to sign up today for one of our Authentic Music Tours.

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